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  • UTA link or pdf
  • Tracking Board (when available)
  • Job Application Sites
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Production List 3/11/2016
Production List 3/18/2016
Production List 3/25/2016
Production List 4/1/2016

UTA List – Source 1
UTA List – Source 2 (outdated)
UTA List – Source 3 (Browse ONLY, don’t post or sign up)

Tip: Look on facebook and google groups, there are hundreds dedicated to sharing jobs.

Check these two twitter users as they’ll post jobs as they get them:
Will post more if I find them!

Job Application Sites:

*Note, paying for job listings won’t give you any advantage, you’re just paying to have organized search results.

Top Tier

UTA Joblist – Free
Listed above, check regularly.

The Tracking Board – $79 per year
Not worth the price, I post the weekly jobs anyway. – Free
Lot of entertainment jobs, just use keywords.

Entertainment Careers – $10 per month
My primary source for job apps & interviews!

Film Industry Network – Free
Good aggregate of job searches

Craigslist – Free
Only for the truly desperate.

Reddit LAlist – Free
Like craigslist but more trustworthy. Not many jobs posted though.

Production Weekly/Production Bulletin – $60/$40 per month
Send an email to the production office asking if they need any PA’s.

Staff Me Up – Production Jobs
Free or Premium for $15 per month/$110 yearly


Second Tier

Useful to find jobs postings & info on companies/interviews!

Check companies on here for jobs!!!

Hollywood University – GREAT Resource Blog!
Links to lots of other job sites.

Not strictly industry related, but I have found few hits from here.

Intern Match

I Hate My Life – Good Resources

Creative Heads – Video Games/Animation/VFX jobs

Production Beast – Production Jobs (Registration Required) – Production Jobs

California Film Commission – Good Source for Links

UCLA Jobs – They have a lot, some related to entertainment.

Direct Source

Time Warner (HBO, TBS, Cartoon Network/Adult Swim, CNN, more)






CBS Corp.



Dreamworks Animation


Lion’s Gate





Facebook/Google Groups

Film Crew Production Jobs – Facebook Group

Production Freelancers – Facebook Group

Film Industry Network – Facebook Group

Paid Entertainment Jobs – Facebook Group

I need a Production Assistant (PAID POSITIONS ONLY) – Facebook Group

Paid Production Crew Classifieds – Facebook Group

Production Assistant Jobs: Los Angeles Area – Facebook Group

Will post more…

Temp Agencies

Usually you need a connection at one of these agencies to be considered a candidate or a very nice and experienced resume. They’ll have an interview with you and have you take assessment tests. Not all jobs are in the film industry but you can tell them what you’re looking for. Keep in contact with them, they have a lot of other more qualified clients than you.

Apple One

Target CW

Office Team

The Grapevine Agency

11th Hour

*Note: I’m currently using Apple One, will post more on it soon!


How To Find A Job by Anonymous Production Assistant


When I moved to LA, I had very few connections, so here’s what I did: First, I bought a fax machine. Faxing at Kinkos cost $1 a page and I had to fax three pages to each show (cover sheet, cover letter, and resume). During my first job search, I applied to 68 shows. My fax machine cost $50 and paid for itself the first day.

Most shows now list email addresses. If you email your resume, follow up with a phone call to confirm they received it. You can also call the production office before applying; it’s possible they have an email addy that isn’t listed.

Armed with my resume and cover letter, I called production offices: “I’d like to submit my resume; can you give me the fax number or email I should send it to? Do you happen to know if you’re hiring assistants?” If the person was nice, I chatted with them for a moment. “Is there anyone specific I should attention it to?” If the person on the phone seemed busy or unhelpful, I simply got the fax number and hung up.

I had several call backs, four interviews, and landed a job at According to Jim just four days after arriving in L.A.

 Unsyndicated Writer’s Personal Advise

  • Make sure to apply ASAP. Don’t wait a couple days or apply to a listing that’s a month old.
  • Apply to as many as you can, don’t wait for that one you think you have a good chance with to get back to you, chances are they won’t.
  • Make sure your CV/Email states in order: Current & Previous relevant experiences; How you fit the job description; How you fit the company; Education/Availability; Contact info.
  • Here is a cover letter example by Jessica Butler.
  • If you really really struggle with resumes/cover letters pay $50-$75 this expert to tell you exactly what is wrong with your resume/cv.
  • A lot of job application site utilize AUTOMATED response technology. This means you need to make sure your resume has buzz words for your application and matches the description of the job. So make sure to write a sentence for each task you do (have 4-5 lines describing your duties and tasks at previous jobs).
    • Office Assistant – Something Productions – Apr 2013 – Dec 2014
      Answer the reception phone line and perform correspondence through our email system.
      Cover the front desk reception seeing to talent and clients for meetings with the executives.
    • The above is much better than the following:
    • Office Assistant – Something Productions – Apr 2013 – Dec 2014
      Receptionist, make copies, answer phones, email clients and staff.
  • If you went to a film school or school with a film program, get in touch with your alumni coordinator/director. I’ve met some awesome people this way!


More soon!

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