Process for Temp Agencies

The TV show I was working on ended production back in Feb so I’ve been looking for a new job, again… Mostly because the show hasn’t been renewed (yet…) and the current season won’t premier until the fall season. Since I was a mere PA, I am sadly not important enough to paid to vacation for half the year… Sigh…

Anyway for the past couple months I’ve been applying to the listings and sites everyone else does and contacting employment agencies but not much has come about, especially from the agencies. Turns out you really need a connection for that as well.

If you think about it, thousands of people looking for temp jobs after production cycles spam those agencies hoping to get picked up as a client. They can only handle so much.

After an alumni posted on our facebook group saying that she had a connection to an agency I emailed her and she forwarded my resume. The very next day I had a call from the agency. This goes to show the benefit of joining those online alumni groups. I know that there’s people in our group that didn’t go to our school, so a smart person ought to find and infiltrate as many groups as they can to get all the jobs!!!

Anyway the process is this:

  • Get a contact at a temp agency.
  • They’ll mostly likely offer a phone interview.
  • Then ask you to take some online assessment tests.
  • ???
  • Jobs 4 u

In the phone interview they’ll ask you what industry you want to work in, what hours (full or part time) and what areas you want to work in. They’ll ask other stuff about your goals and skills as well. Then they’ll send you a “welcome to the agency!” email. Usually with that you’ll have to take some assessment tests. These will cover your ability to use Microsoft Word/Excel/Outlook. They’re virtual question, so you use their online platform to navigate a simulated desktop and MS program.

After that you’ll probably be on their list but you need to bug them or look through their job listings to actually get anything back from them. Make sure to follow up every week to let them know you haven’t died or actually found a job as well.