Update! Working as a Writer’s Production Assistant.

I think I last wrote/updated in September so I’m writing now because I finally have some free time…

We went into production back in November which means that everything becomes a lot more busy. Before the writers room was located in the Network’s building but since we went into production it means we’ve moved onto the studio that’s filming the show. In the previous year, before they figured out when the premier date would be, they had the writer’s room in the Executive Producer’s company’s building (the guy who’s responsible for initially creating the show before handing it off to the Showrunner). Luckily this show had some pretty big names attached (seeing how it was created by an A-list actor/writer/producer anyway) as I’ve heard many shows without such pull really struggle budget-wise to find a home until, by some miracle, they get picked up by a network.

Going into production means you’ll be doing more runs, everyone is usually more stressed as deadlines get closer, and you need to make sure you get everyone’s specific order in on time and to their liking. It also means going from 8 hour work days to 10-12+ hours for most show productions as well. There’s still a lot of down time as the writer’s don’t constantly request stuff, so it’s a good opportunity to get paid to scroll through facebook work on reading their scripts, writing your own scripts, volunteering to help out around the production office, cure a hangover, etc…

Writer’s PA is a pretty neat job to have considering you’re name will be in the credits, all the free food, and you get to hang out with the writers of a TV show and occasionally see or meet some stars! But where do you go from there? Well the show probably lasts about 6 months before it gets cancelled or renewed and you come back in another 6 months to start the next season, hopefully… You work half the year, and then live on unemployment the other half year. That’s unless you’ve successfully networked your way into another job by then or shown you’re valuable to the production team  (as they just go from show to show and have no loyalty at all!) and reminded them they should probably keep you around.

As with most jobs, this one needs a bit of common sense or you’re likely to get fired. Really fired?! Yea, if you honestly screw up and show you’re incompetent enough, you WILL get fired. You can be the most outgoing and friendly PA who becomes best friends with everybody, but if you sass the wrong person as a joke, consistently fail to show you can work a fax machine/copier, don’t follow instructions exactly as they’re told/written, you’ll find out 3 days prior you’ve been replaced. You’ll get a phone call politely asking you not to come into the office anymore and a half-hearted apology for firing you for sucking at your job or you’ll come in because you’re actually that dumb and wonder who’s sitting at your desk. So be a well balanced individual without any social ineptitudes and you’ll quickly skip the unemployment line.

I’m tired and I think I got sidetracked somewhere so I’ll just stop here I guess. I’ll make a post soon about relocating (because there’s not enough of those on other LA blogs) and update the job stuff.


EDIT: I also just got a job as a script reader for a major script contest! I’ll update later on that.

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