If you’re one of those people (such as myself) who subscribe to every Industry (Hollywood) related publication, you probably have quite a nice collection of useful resources. Rather than letting these bits o’ info collect dust in my bookmarks tab, I thought it’d be cool to monetize share them with my “readers” or collect dust on a dead blog.

Jobs: I’ll post or link current industry job listings here.

L.A. Living: Posts about living in the Los Angeles area.

Industry News: Industry and Market related articles.

Resources: Templates, production forms, screenwriting aides, financing sources, etc…

Reviews: I’m not the best film critic (mostly because I like everything I put effort to watch) but occasionally I’ll advise you to avoid certain films *cough* Serena *cough*

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  1. Hi! Could you please upload more Production Weekly Issues ? I like them a lot! I would really appreciate it if you can mail me some of the newest 🙂

    Best wishes,

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