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I want to note that most answers about finding rent/jobs/stuff/cars in LA will be answered with the go-to website everyone in LA uses: Craigslist

Apartment/Rent Search Tools:

Westside Rentals

  • Notorious for being the go-to pay-per-month rental site. Suppose to be a gatekeeper for good apartments but often gets mixed reviews. If you can’t find anything on the other sites it might be worth trying to find someone to split an account with.

Pad Mapper

  • A top choice for rental listings, many many Los Angeles area residents use it.

Hot Pads

  • Second to Pad Mapper.

Teleport LA

  • Super Amazing site, calculates what you care about most and suggest where you should live in LA!

Other sites:


Rad Pad


Apartment Guide

What about Safety/Location/Neighborhoods?

LA is one of the biggest and most spread out cities in the US (maybe world). So here are some mythbusting figure and facts.

  • The greater Los Angeles area covers 4,850 miles with almost 19 million people.
  • LA is EXTREMELY diverse. We have: Chinatown, Little Tokyo, Little Osaka, Little Bangladesh, Thai Town,  Little Armenia, Little Ethiopia, Filipinotown, Koreatown, and much, much more.
  • LA’s safety is strange… You can be eating a world renowned 5 star restaurant in Downtown LA and one block down the road is Skid Road where you’ll see dozens and dozens of homeless people.
    • Areas that are wealthier are safer & more luxurious apartments are more secure.
    • Areas around the Hollywood Hills are safer & usually have more upscale businesses.
    • The San Fernando valley seems to have less homeless than the LA area south of the Hollywood Hills (Santa Monica to Downtown LA).
    • The San Fernando valley is a hard place to gage for safety. Some areas can have a lot of gang related crime, while others have really nice apartments in lower income hispanic areas that only look run down and dangerous.
    • Areas outside of LA (Pasadena, Orange County, Calabasas) are usually pretty nice but one hell of a commute to Hollywood.
  • Beverly Hills, Burbank, Glendale, and Santa Monica are their own cities.
To note: Usually the more “safer” a place is the more expensive it gets. That being said safety is often something people buy into without realizing you can live in a city neighborhood without any “significant” problems. Sometimes richer neighborhoods will get strings of burglaries, or maybe the neighbors will rent out their homes for celebrity parties (not as fun as you think at 5am on Wednesday after 4 straight days of DNB music), or Charles Manson will visit. Honestly crime exists everywhere there are people, the only way to be safe is to be aware of your environment or hire a bodyguard if you’re lazy & rich.

Crime Mapping

  • Good site to check the crime stats in Los Angeles neighborhoods.

LA Times Crime Neighborhoods

I’m Moving To LA – Top 10 Safest & Affordable Places To Live In LA

UCLA Housing Guide

Guides & Maps & Sass of LA:

Los Angeles Map of Stereotypes (Humor)

Judgmental Map of Los Angeles (Humor)

LA Weekly “D-Bag” Neighborhoods of LA (Humor)

Time Out Guide to LA Neighborhoods

  • Very Extensive guide with lots of mini guides!

Mover’s Guide to LA Neighborhoods

Ask LosAngeles

  • Reddit (Forum) for asking anything related to LA, pretty active.

Los Angeles Reddit

  • Active and useful forum for LA news and happenings.

LAlist Reddit

  • Craigslist type of forum for LA.

Other Stuff:

Lead Exposure Risk Map


Some Tips:

It’s pretty important to have good credit, a job or monthly income, money saved up, backup plans, a car, parents or someone who can help financially, and extensive research on moving to LA.

Understand it’s a city of business, not everyone has time or interest in your potential bloom into whatever creative endeavor you have.

There are schemes, people who want to take advantage of you, and dreamers, people who will take advantage of you without the intent though. Make sure you actually read your contracts and lease agreements.


Will add more soon!

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